Telstra Unveils The T-Hub… Does Anybody Want One?

Telstra Unveils The T-Hub… Does Anybody Want One?

Telstra T-HubIf it wasn’t for the fact that I need a home phone line for ADSL (I can’t get Naked at my exchange), I would have dumped my home landline years ago. The T-Hub, which was shown off at the Telstra Investor Day yesterday and also popped up on their intranet, doesn’t really make me want to hang on to the legacy landline option…

The T-Hub is a device that connects your Telstra home phone and your Telstra Broadband wirelessly, and features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen that allows you to jump on board a whole heap of Sensis based services.

From the Telstra staff Intranet description:

Customers will be able to make calls easily scrolling through their contact list and pressing “Call”. Or if a plumber is needed, click to search Yellow Pages online and select the number to call. Enjoy the added convenience of sending SMS to mobile numbers on the Telstra network and to most Australian fixed numbers, or checking the weather forecast, or scheduling family events and appointments on the electronic calendar.

The memo also describes the T-Hub as a potential photo frame or internet radio player.

The device is supposed to be available in the “coming months”. But from reading through that description, there doesn’t seem to be any killer feature that my mobile phone or laptop can’t do just as easily. Although maybe if Telstra do follow through on their promise to drop pricing, it might come part of a bundle option? Would that sway opinions?