Telstra Admits They Charge Too Much

It must be cold down in Hell at the moment, because Telstra CEO David Thodey has just admitted that their broadband pricing is "out of line". Even better, they're planning aggressive price cuts.

The Telco has also promised to spend a little bit more time focusing on improving customer service.

There's no word on how soon we can expect to see these price cuts, or whether they'll track over to the wholesale internet side of things, but any price cut's going to be welcome for Telstra customers...



    Telstra charge too much for everything. Fixed line, Internet, Mobile, hosting....EVERYTHING.

    As a Bigpond member, thank god they're doing these price cuts. Hopefully they add a larger "unlimited" plan as well... 25GB just doesn't cut it. 50GB for the same price would be great.

    Because paying $100 for a 24Mbit connection with 25Gb of data truly makes me want to switch to Telstra!

    "The Telco has also promised to spend a little bit more time focussing on improving customer service."

    A little bit of nothing is still nothing.
    They publicly announce that they only upgrade equipment in network stations when competitors move in. Why does anyone stay with them. They are not serving their customers (or their shareholder) but driving off the smart ones and now they they say 'no harm no fowl, come back to us we will get competitive ... really we will'

    I'm sure I saw some pigs flying past my window this morning....

    ...and in breaking news, the sky is blue and it says here sugar is sweet. Over to our man in the street for public reaction...

    sounds interesting, i've always thought they have better quality products, but the expense and poor customer service just broke the deal.

    Finally they realized. When ship is sinking people admit mistakes !!!

    It should be Beginning in December.......and for all of those who are interested there is a lot to come :)

    In other news, the Pope admits he is Catholic

    yes finally talk about excited i hope this comes soon

    Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise that April started today.. I though we we're nearing November..?

    Fantastic! So instead of losing a whole arm and a leg every couple of months, Telstra will only take an elbow or knee.

    Seriously, if Telstra wants to focus on customer service, it could chose to stop charging for the half-hour mobile calls to its own service centres.

    Well, if this is true, I might switch back from adam to telstra for my adsl connection... No wait, they still count uploads as usage.

    about time.

    About time.
    Looking forward to these price drops!

    I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it

    Wow, only took them 9 years to figure that one out.

    thank god
    im paying $99 a month for a 25gb download limit through telstra. Either increase download limit at same price ore DECREASE the damn price

      I guess the real question is WHY are you paying that much?

      Internode have their 'Easy Broadband' plan with 50GB for $49.95 and a lot of unmetered content too (ABC iView, radio inc Triple J, TiVo etc)

    do they still count uploads as part of your usage? we haven't been with telstra in years, but that was the main reason we left.

      No Adam, Internode do not charge for upload.

    Oh my god telstra ya think, really ur prices are " too high"
    ur powers of deduction are amazing why oh why r u wasting ur time being a telco when u could be solving the worst crimes go go for the good of the city

    Forgive me if I wait and see. Telstra has never seen an overprice/underperform combo it didn't like.

    TPG have 100GB for $49.95, if Telstra can better that this year I will make a large monument made out of solid gold and give it to Telstra to congratulate them.

    hahahahaha Telstra !! Let me guess your going to drop the price to $95 or give users a whopping 5gb extra data at NO EXTRA CHARGE therefore changing the world forever :)
    I get 100gb (50peak/50off-peak) for $59 through TPG

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