Subaru Show Off Mega Liberty

subaruOK, so it’s technically not a Liberty. This is a Legacy. Which is pretty much the Japanese version of the Liberty, the refreshed Liberty model we have in Australia. But while we toddle around in the suave Subaru family car down the Pacific Highway, the Japanese have decided to show us all what a Legacy really can do.

This is the race car based on the latest Legacy B4. It races in the Japanese Super GT Series in the GT300 class for R&D sport. It has a 1994cc Boxer DOHC engine with 300PS maximum power and 40kgf.m maximum torque. It weighs a mere 1200kg and has a six-speed manual transmission.

Subaru won’t release much more information on it than that (for obvious reasons, they are racing against competitors after all), but it certainly looks awesome. Sadly though, the team has only scored one point so far this entire season. Oh well, at least the car looks good.

Damian Francis is the editor-at-large for Australian T3 and contributing technology editor for GQ Australia. He is in Japan as a guest of Toyota Australia.

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