Study Finds “Game Snacking” Makes You More Creative

Study Finds “Game Snacking” Makes You More Creative
 src=I’ve been playing a lot of Scribblenauts this week, during those rare breaks I get from my computer screen. According to a recent study by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment means that I’m more likely to be a bit creative, as I’m turning into a “game snacker”

Here are some of the findings:

*Down time: Women prefer to spend more time socialising in their spare time (32 per cent) compared with men who prefer to play games in their spare time (40 per cent)
*Waking the imagination: Trying something new was seen equally by both men and women as one of the best ways to keep your mind active and your imagination flowing – as voted by nearly a third of respondents from both sexes
*A third of women also stated that reading books and newspapers was a great way to stimulate your mind while over a third of men preferred the idea of physical exercise through playing games and sports
*Accessing your imagination: Over 82 per cent of women use their imagination everyday – 28 per cent of which admit to using it every hour. Men came out a little less imaginative, with nearly 20 per cent ‘fessing up that they only use their imagination once in a blue moon – if at all
*Why play games? There was a clear distinction in the survey findings behind the reason that both men and women game. Over 52 per cent of women game to enable them to challenge their brain and think differently while 51 percent of men game to escape from reality
*How do you get your game on? This was echoed in the types of games that men and women prefer to play. Guys came up trumps when it came to console or computer gaming – receiving over 67 per cent of the votes, while women, who weren’t too far behind with the console and pc gaming (37 per cent) preferred to problem solve with puzzles, crosswords and board games
*Game on: Nearly 60 per cent of men game for under an hour each day compared with 41 per cent of women
*Left or right? Overall, despite women constantly wanting to stimulate the left side of the brain for through puzzles, crosswords etc. women actually rate themselves more as a right sided bunch – with over 72 per cent stating they are creative thinkers. Men on the other hand, voted themselves as more logical, with nearly 60 per cent stating they have a more systemic approach to solving problems.

What do you reckon? Are these accurate representations? Or just a heap of fluff? I know that I don’t feel very creative at the moment, but I think that’s got more to do with sleep depravity than anything else…