Sony's Augmented Reality EyePet In Stores Today

There's something incredibly geeky, high tech and awesome about Sony's EyePet augmented reality game. Sure, it's probably going to be enjoyed a lot more by your kids than you, but you have to admire the sheer level of effort that must have gone into creating the game. And it hits shelves today.

The game lets you "play" with a virtual monkey-like animal, using the PlayStation Eye camera, your hands and a card with a special pattern on it that comes with the game. You get to shower it, feed it and play with it, with a heap of different activities like bowling and drawing.

I had a little bit of a play with my five-year-old nephew, and while some elements were a bit challenging for him, he did enjoy drawing on a piece of paper and then watching the EyePet recreate the image on screen.

The game has an RRP of $80, which includes the PlayStation Eye camera, a peripheral that will almost certainly be required for any motion controller games in the future.

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