Optus' New Wireless Plans Sound Good At First, But Get Weird Later

So Optus has refreshed their wireless broadband plans. They're offering more data for less, with a much lower excess usage fee. Huzzah! But instead of basking in a successful strategy that's a win for consumers, Optus instead decided to halve the amount of data you get for the same price after the first 12 months. Seriously, WTF Optus?

What's even weirder than halving your data allowance after 12 months is that the contracts for the new plans are only 12 months.

So obviously, Optus wants you to sign another contract at the end of that initial 12 months is over. But in all seriousness, is that something anybody's going to do?

The deals themselves are on par with other telcos – $15 gets you 1GB of data, $25 gets you 2GB, $35 gets you 4GB and $55 gets you 7GB. The E160e modem is $99 up front as well. It's just a shame that after that initial 12 month contract is up, Optus wants to bend you over and... well, you know...


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