Nokia Gets You There Without Getting Revved Up

Nokia Gets You There Without Getting Revved Up

Days of the humble paper-based road atlas are well and truly numbered. Well, that’s what the marketing people at Nokia are claiming, anyway, with the release of their 6710 Navigator. The new mobile is designed to help you find your way by car or on foot around a maze of city streets and locate points of interest (POIs).

The Nokia 6710 Navigator gives you instant access to maps with 3D landmarks and voice guided turn-by-turn drive navigation, all of which can be pre-planned on your laptop and downloaded to your mobile. Live traffic and safety updates will also help you reach your destination with ease and in great time.

Gill Hollister, Nokia Australia & New Zealand product and technology manager, said: “The Nokia 6710 Navigator not only provides directions but goes a step further in helping motorists search and find other important locations such as petrol stations and nearby parking lots.”

You little beauty.

The Nokia 6710 Navigator was made widely available at the beginning of October through Optus, and coming soon to Vodafone, Hutchison 3 and selected retailers for a RRP of $629.