Mega Web Is Mega Value For Car Tragics

megaweb test driveIf you’re a car nut, and you’ve come to Tokyo, you have to stop by Toyota’s Mega Web. Warning: It’s pretty much only Toyota but it’s still pretty awesome. Think of it as a showroom plus. You get to see all the latest and soon-to-be released Toyotas and Lexuses, and even some models which won’t be around in Australia anytime soon or at all. But there’s a few things that make this free attraction even better.

Bring an international drivers license (which you can get from the NRMA for $45) and you can test-drive a range of new Toyotas on the specially built 1.3km test track (see picture). Sure, you can’t go over 40km/h, but it’s still fun to try out cars such as CVT (continuous variable transmission) hybrid models that you won’t find Down Under. There’s also a track that runs around the entire complex that is used by computer driven Toyota eComs. You just sit back in the driver’s seat and let the car drive, watching the wheel turn itself.

When you’re bored of that check out the Japanese Super GT cars and the Toyota F1 cars on show. Then check out the massive carousels that stack Toyota upon Toyota in them. They’re about five stories high. The coolest part is that you walk up to the machine, select the car you want to see and the carousel starts moving until that car comes around and you can drive it out. It’s the kind of thing every billionaire with a massive car collection should own. I've already put my order in.

Damian Francis is the editor-at-large for Australian T3 and contributing technology editor for GQ Australia. He is in Japan as a guest of Toyota Australia.

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