Goodbye Tokyo Motor Show

Goodbye Tokyo Motor Show

That would be me signing off from the Tokyo Motor Show and Japan. I’ll be hopping on a flight to Sydney in a few hours time. Hope you all enjoyed the coverage of what was certainly a pretty damn cool motor show. Before I go though be sure to do two things.

1) Check out the news of the new Toyota FT-EV II here at I didn’t have enough time to write this up with the rest of the stories but it is certainly a great car and a good look at the future and Toby Hagon, who was on this trip with us thanks to Toyota, did a rather good write up as per usual.

2) Be sure to keep looking out for Tokyo Motor Show news next week when a few of the more detailed features will hit the site. While it’s yet to be confirmed it will probably be a detailed rundown of everything at the motorshow as well as my test ride of the i-REAL and a few other bits and pieces of gold.

Enjoy your weekend!

Damian Francis is the editor-at-large for Australian T3 and contributing technology editor for GQ Australia. He is in Japan as a guest of Toyota Australia and thought posting for Giz was pretty cool.