Did You Win The Panny Headphones/Paul Blart Blu-Ray/Fringe Blu-ray?

It may have taken a couple of weeks thanks to me being on parental leave and everything, but here are the winners for the Panasonic HC55 headphones, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Fringe Blu-ray competitions. Thanks for your patience!

Panasonic HC55s:
Congrats to JB, SHL, Trist, Peter Pianta, Ben, Sean, Howie, Tom Duff, Josh Meredith and Jonathan Ng.

Fringe Season One Blu-rays:
Congrats to Andrew Lum, Chris Langeluddecke, Leigh, Nigel Charles and Steev.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop Blu-rays:
Congrats to Steve, Drew, Joel, Earv, Peter, Josh, Andrew, Mark, WOODSDOG and Daniel G.

Winners can expect an email from me at some point today with details of what’s to come. Congratulations again!

UPDATE: Nigel Charles – I can’t contact you – email me your details.