Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast Pancakes 2Well that weekend went by way too quickly. Fortunately, there’s a heap of awesome gadget news to keep you entertained today…

Cockroach-Like Robot Survives Eight Storey Fall, Will Outlive Us All
Just what we need: Cylon cockroaches…

Acer Lets Slip The Liquid’s Custom Android UI, White-Hot Specs
Mmm. Snapdragon…

The App Store Effect: Are iPhone Apps Headed For Oblivion?
We’re all doomed! Oh wait, only if you’re an iPhone developer, apparently. Phew.

Mozilla Whines About Apple Being First In Browser Ballot Screen
Seriously? Just chance your name to Aardvark and be done with it, Mozilla…

Android 2.0 First Look: Fresh Face, Sick Speed

MIT’s Autonomous Helicopter: What If Big Dog Could Fly?

Humanity as we know it would end?

A Trebuchet Launches Lenovo Laptops With Leverage
This made the wrap purely for featuring a trebuchet. I love those things…