Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

breakfast pancakesOh it's an exciting week this week. Editor at large for T3 Australia magazine and close friend of mine Damian Francis is helping out Giz AU by spending a week in Japan, courtesy of Toyota, to cover the Tokyo Motor Show for us. Tough job, hey?

Now, onto the wrap...

Sony’s 360 Degree 3D Display Prototype: No Glasses Needed Be a while before this one takes off, I think...

Verizon Motorola Droid First Impressions: “The Android Device” That sounds pretty promising. Doesn't it?

GPS Puzzle Box Only Opens In One Specific Location I wish my friends would do something like this for me.

Facebook, Twitter, Zune Video And Last.Fm On Xbox Live Hands On: Hrm, That’s Interesting Stay tuned for more local thoughts later today.

Rock Band For iPhone Hands On: Alleviate Boredom, Suffer Hand Cramps Everybody loves Rock Band!

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