Weekend Gadgets: Livespeakr And Philips Baby Monitor

livespeakr-officeSadly I don't think there'll be too much time for me to spend quality time with fun gadgets this weekend – I'm about three weeks from fatherhood, so it's all about the last minute baby gadgets. Although I reckon I'm going to try to spend a few sly moments with the Livespeakr...

We've been fairly fortunate when it comes to baby gadgets – we recently received one of the Philips Avent DECT baby monitors, which I'll be setting up this weekend. On top of acting as your stock standard baby monitor, it uses DECT technology for clearer reception, and features a temperature and humidity gauge so you can remotely check on the status of the baby's room. Sure, it's not my usual beat of fun gadgets, but I'm still kinda looking forward to it.

I also received the Livespeakr iPod dock today, so I'm going to try and check it out. And if I'm really lucky, I'm going to install Windows 7 on my new Macbook Pro.

What about you guys – any hot dates with cool technology this weekend?

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