Wait. Another E-Reader For Oz Market Lands

eReaderPioneerLast week came news of a fresh reader from BeBook. Now Pioneer announces a new e-reader, the DreamBook eReader+, and the specs don't look half bad.

It has a 6in E-ink display at 800 x 600 pixels (170dpi, 8-level greyscale), a touch panel supporting handwriting input, supports a variety of media, has built-in 1GB NAND Flash (expandable to 4GB with MicroSD), Bluetooth/WiFi, USB host support, and 3G connection to internet or input devices, a 400MHz processor and 64MB SDRAM.

Supported formats in eBooks are: pdf, epub, mobi, prc, txt, html, fb2 and rtf. Other supported files are JPEG and MP3. Pioneer is spruiking its "excellent" battery life, with 16,000 page turns on a single charge.

Price? $599. Available now, apparently. Check out the full specs over at Pioneer.

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