USB Laptop Cooler's "Boardroom" Chic?

xs0041090909cWe're sure a device such as this, whose details can be more closely examined over at Uxsight, has its admirers. But we're a little confused. What's with the styling?

OK. Let's break it down According to Uxsight: "The Laptop Cool table was developed to make the laptop more comfortable to use." Check. "Lifting the laptop up relieves your sore wrists and back and also keeps the hot battery from burning your leg." Check. "Built in USB fan helps cool your laptop and prolong its life." Check. "Lightweight and compact design allows it to go from the boardroom to the dorm room and anywhere else you roam." What the...?

Besides reservations we have about the kind of person who might "roam" from boardroom to dorm room, we have to wonder what kind of executive would be seen dead with that Hello Kitty-esque mouse pad attachment. Seriously. What were they thinking? This USB laptoop cooler will run you about $42. Take one to the boardroom. If you dare.

Here at Giz, we tend to think the trendy executive-about-town might be more enamoured with moshi's sexy zephyr laptop cooler.

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