Samsung, Nine Tap Social Web. Twitter Excess?

Samsung’s “Tap & Take” social media campaign on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, provides a very “now” way for fans, followers and the mildly interested to interact with and experience the newly launched dual LCD screen ST550 and ST500 compact digital cameras.

The Tap & Take web site offers product information on the new cameras and invites users to enter a competition. (Kudos to the site’s designers, BTW. Nice work.)

Facebook fans and Twitter followers can come to grips with Samsung’s new cameras by submitting comments or responding to Samsung’s questions to win the new ST550 and ST500 cameras and other prizes. The competition closes October 1.

Tap & Take earns its name from the tap feature of the new ST550 and ST500 models. Not heard of this, yet? You simply tap the touch-screen display to take a photo. Having tried the Olympus mju 8000 I can tell you that tapping may sound like a gimmick but is actually pretty handy for those users whose meaty digits detest tiny buttons.

The cameras also feature dual LCD screens with one placed on the front panel so you can take snaps whether you’re behind the camera or perfecting a self-portrait from in front of it. This, we like a lot. Saves having to fold/unfold a rear-mounted swivel display. We’re also seeing a tasty Schneider-Kreuznach lens, 12MP and a 4.6x zoom. Overall, a handy snapper sure to be appreciated by the self-obsessed.

But bringing your attention to the possibility of winning a neat new camera is not only a matter of largesse on our part, it’s an opportunity to ask a question. First, so you know where this is coming from, we learned last night that you can follow Nine’s 60 Minutes on Twitter. And why, exactly? Beats me. Isn’t once a week torture enough? Hit us up with your comments on some tweeters you’re unlikely to hang your # on.

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