Rollip Converts Your Pics To Polaroids, For If You’re Feeling Nostalgic

Rollip Converts Your Pics To Polaroids, For If You’re Feeling Nostalgic
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So now that Polaroid’s dead (despite attempts to revive it), it seems that there’s a void in the market for slightly blown out photos in a solid white frame. Enter Rollip, a web service that will convert your normal digital photos into a polaroid-like shot.

It’s an incredibly easy process – you simply head to and start the process, select just how blown out you want your photo to be, select a frame style and add text, then upload the photo you want polaroided. Results are fairly decent, even if the process does suck the resolution out of your pic. But considering the service is free (although the developers do ask you to buy them a beer at the end there, which is really just the polite thing to do) and the fact that Polaroid isn’t exactly cutting edge tech anyway, do you really need that resolution anyway?

Another problem is with portrait shots – you can’t determine which part of the shot will fit the Polaroid’s smaller size, so with a polaroided shot of my dog, the top of his head was lopped off:

Here’s the original Harbour Bridge shot that I uploaded (although I’ve shrunk the resolution for posting. I uploaded the full size version):