How Much Data Does Australia Download?

binary tunnelYesterday the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Internet Activity findings for June this year. And it looks like we Australians like our downloading.

For the three months of the reference period up to June this year, Australians downloaded 99 993 TB of data. Terabytes. Which, according to Google, is equivalent to 102 391 808 gigabytes. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

What's more, 75 percent of that came from household connections rather than business connections. Considering the report also says that there are 7,031,000 household internet connections (both dialup and broadband), that equates to just under 11GB per household. Over three months. Which is less than 4GB a month. Which suddenly isn't that much at all, really.

Also interesting to note is that wireless internet access has jumped from 1.3 million users last December to two million users in June, or a 51% increase over a six month period. And that doesn't even include mobile phones.

You can check out all the findings yourself over at the ABS wesite.

[ABSThanks Eamon!]

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