Firewire 400/800 Converters. Going Cheap(er)

FW400:800When Apple updated its MacBook Pros and dropped support for Firewire 400 ports, the company conveniently (for them) ignored the fact that many creatives, especially camcorder users, were left high and dry.

The solution to connecting your older Firewire 400 gear is an easy one. You buy a converter. No news here, really, they've been out for a while. What is news is that Newertech has announced a cheap converter. We like that it doesn't have a cable attached. It just modifies your existing Firewire cable. Better than having another length of cable to carry about.

Newertech's pricing is $US12.99. Locally that translates to $22.90 at MacFixIt.

Shopping around we found that Moshi's converter, a similar product but with a short length of cable, is going at epowermac for $19.95. Even cheaper.

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