Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

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Palm Getting Pummelled With App Submissions For The Pre
Apps is where it’s at, and challenging the iPhone app-palooza can only be a good thing.

13,000 McDonald’s Locations Visualised As They Sink US Into Ocean
We need to see this? Yes. Yes we do.

Alienware Area-51 ALX Gets Racing Fins, Core i7 Processors
Dashing design meets power with purpose. The PC even Predator could fall in love with.

Get Nervous: Rusty Soviet Doomsday System Still Turned On
Cold War veterans, bad news. Your worst nightmare lives on.

iRex DR800SG Touchscreen E-Reader Will Have Verizon 3G
It’s beginning to look a lot like a reader war, an e-reader war. Sick ’em, iRex.

Mount A Camera On Your Helmet For Great Photos Of Handlebars
Helmet-cam. Going cheap. Add strap, a point-and-shoot, and beefier medical insurance.

Wait, This Is A Shoe?
Time wounds all heels. Get your blisters here.

Dell Brings Intel Core i7 Power To Studio, Alienware PCs
Intel’s i7 processor is on the march, and Dell is a willing foot soldier.