Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Nissan's Next Electric Car Will Sound Like Bladerunner Because, as all Deckard fans know, this is the way the future is/was supposed to sound.

This Little Thing Is The First USB 3.0 Certified Device Firewire. Your days are truly numbered. Here comes the next big thing.

Next Generation Wii Coming With Super-Graphics, New Controller Wii fun with with PS3 deliciousness? Yes, please, but there's a wait involved.

Lego House May Face Very Real Wrecking Ball In 24 Hours Noooooooo. Please say it isn't so.

How Do You Install A 400kg TV? It's like "How do you handle an angry gorilla?" With care. And respect.

Sensia Wi-Fi Radio Has Touchscreen, Twitter, Facebook The Chumby is cute, sure it is, but the Sensia adds a big dose of sexy to the equation.

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