The Wheels On The Broadband Bus Offer Wi-Fi

The Wheels On The Broadband Bus Offer Wi-Fi
i-commute-launch-allan-aitchison-aug-26-2009I never, ever thought I’d say this, but I want to move to Adelaide. Not for any practical reason, but for the free Wi-Fi on the Broadband Bus.

Launching today as part of a six month trial, the bus was developed and funded by a whole raft of tech companies, including MIMP Connecting Solutions (whose MD Allan Aitchison is pictured), transSpot, Cisco, Adam Internet, Podmo Mobile and Webshield Content Filtering. [imgclear]
i-commute-launch-allan-aitchison-2-aug-26-2009Inside the bus there are two LCD screens which relay relevant information like ETA for the next stop, community news, national news from the ABC and some advertising. The ads can even be location based, showing ads relevant to stores at particular bus stops.

Adam Internet is supplying a free Wi-Fi connection to passengers, and there’s Bluetooth offering free games to commuters as well.

The bus itself cost about half a million dollars to create. And I really want one.

Anyone in Adelaide take a ride on it today? Impressions?