The F1OC Overclocking Comp Sounds Pretty Definitive

f1oc_logo_v2This sounds like it's going to be pretty hardcore: The Overclocker Magazine has somehow managed to convince all the top PC component manufacturers to compete against each other and the world's best overclockers to see who really does have the best equipment. It sounds like they should have a steel cage on standby...

Official overclocking teams from Biostar, DFI, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI will be taking on national, continental and world champion overclocking teams to see not only who can get the best performance out of different PC components, but also which components deserve recognition as the best. And seeing as how all the kit being overclocked is available to the general public, the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the benefits of the competition. Although the official F1OC rules state you can't use liquid helium, which really just takes all the fun out of it if you ask me.

The comp starts this month and runs over the next five months with different components being scored. If you're keen to see what's being tested each month and who's on top, check out The Overclocker.


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