Samsung’s Dual-Screen Cameras Priced, Dated For Australia

Samsung’s Dual-Screen Cameras Priced, Dated For Australia

 src=If you saw this morning’s post about Samsung’s new dual-LCD cameras for taking self portraits and began jumping for joy and shouting “FINALLY! WOO-HOO!” at the top of your lungs, then you’ll be happy to see the Aussie release information. You should also probably try and get out more…
Aside from changing the product codes to completely confuse everyone online, the two new snappers appear to be identical to the US version we saw this morning. The ST500 is the cheaper option, coming in at $449, while the ST550 costs $499. Both have a 12.2MP sensor, 4.6 optical zoom and the front-facing LCD – the difference between the two is the 550’s HDMI output and a 3.5 inch rear LCD (as opposed to the 500’s 3-inch screen). Oh, that and the available colours – the 500 comes in silver, red and blue, while the 550 is available in black orange and purple.

Both models will hit shelves in September, which gives you plenty of time to think over the decision to purchase this snapper and decide that in reality, the only people who really need a front LCD are the vain and the lonely…


Back and Front LCD takes self portraits to a new level!

Sydney, August 14, 2009: Samsung Digital Imaging Co. Ltd. today announced the arrival of the Samsung ST550 and Samsung ST500, the latest in compact camera innovation. The new models set themselves apart from the pack with the innovative inclusion of Dual LCD screens on front and back; allowing consumers to truly put themselves in the picture.

Delivering a unique experience, the 1.5” LCD located on the front of the camera now allows consumers to take first rate photos whether they are behind the camera or in front of it. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities, the Dual LCD allows users to easily take photos that were difficult before – from either side of the lens. Set-up a self-portrait and use the front LCD screen to make sure you’re lined up perfectly in the photo.

The Samsung ST550 also features the world’s highest resolution 3.5” Wide Touch Screen Back LCD. At almost four times higher resolution than many comparable cameras, the ST550 also features a 12.2 Megapixel CCD and 27mm Wide Angle lens with 4.6x Optical Zoom. These technology innovations create a wider shooting range from a shorter distance. The perfect companion for your next rock concert or sporting event, the Samsung ST550 can zoom in on your favourite star or player and capture up close and personal moments like never before.

For consumers excited about the dual screen fun, but who don’t require such a high spec camera, the Samsung ST500 is also being launched. With vivid viewing capabilities on a 3” Wide Touch Screen the Samsung ST500 is a top drawer option in a smaller, more affordable package.

“These cameras are the very first of their kind,” said Sang Jin Park, CEO at Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “Use of digital imaging technologies has evolved and we are offering functionality and capabilities that no other digital camera manufacturer has yet addressed. It has become more common for the photographer to switch roles and become the subject of his or her photo, especially given the rise in popularity of self-portraits or profile pictures for use with today’s popular social networking sites. The Dual LCD on the ST550 and ST500 allows consumers to become part of the picture that they simply weren’t before. These cameras will be must-haves for those individuals that use popular social networking websites and for families that want to get everyone, including the photographer, in the picture.”

The new range also features some new points which are sure to capture the imaginations of camera lovers the world over. Children mode makes the front LCD play a fun animation to capture a child’s attention while taking their photo – ensuring the perfect snap of a little one with a big smile. The Shutter Info feature also helps ensure the subject of a picture smiles at the right moment. The front LCD will display a “smiley face” when the shutter is pushed halfway, signalling the perfect time to smile and get ready for the photo.

Samsung’s innovative Smart Face Recognition technology will adjust the focus and exposure on up to 20 faces in a frame and allows users to quickly search for people in the album instead of viewing every photo. The ST550 and ST500 also record HD video in 1280x720p resolution at 30 frames per second in H.264 format – providing twice as much recording capacity as an MPEG4 and four times more than a MJPG. The ST550 also comes equipped with an HDMI connection which means your HD videos can be watched directly on your HD TV or HD Monitor.
The ST550 and ST500 will be available in Australia from September 2009.