Retromodo: VWE Battletech Vid From Intencity Parramatta

When I look back at my teenage years, it's hard not to get all nostalgic about my trips to Intencity in Westfield Parramatta. They had a couple of Virtual World Entertainment games where you'd sit in a pod and either try and blast away your friends in Battlemech or beat them in a death race in Red Planet. And before every Battlemech game, you had to watch this video.

Starring Judge Reinhold, (in his best role outside of Beverly Hills Cop, in my opinion) the vid has everything – sexual tension, nerds and a hot chick. Well, maybe not everything then. Plus, there are some pretty average computer graphics in there too.

The training vid for the racer Red Planet is even better, with guest spots from Weird Al Yankovic and Cheech Marin. The highlight of their respective careers, I'm sure.

The weird thing is, I'd absolutely love to hop into one of those pods and play these 90s era games again...

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