PS3 Slim Hands On, Plus Impressions And Play TV News...

ps3-slimI just spent an hour or so with some of the guys from Sony Computer Entertainment and getting a good, close look at the new PS3 Slim. I know the Interwebs are teeming with photos and videos and impressions, so I figured I'd give you my thoughts in Haiku format. Below the jump, of course!

Cheaper, Tinier PS3 Slim grows stronger In all but Linux

Matte finish looks great Hard drive still removable Actual buttons

Sony will sell lots Especially with iView VOD as well

...And I'm spent. Among other things discussed, Sony reckon that PlayTV is still on track to launch in Australia this year. I kept trying to get more out of them, but they weren't going to spill. But considering the PS3 Slim is launching on September 3 and the PSP GO! is due for an October 1 launch, I've got my fingers crossed for a November release for the Playstation DVR.

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