Foxtel Launching 30 New Channels This Year

So when that Optus D3 Satellite goes up this month, Foxtel will get a chunk of the extra bandwidth to launch some new channels. How many channels you ask? 30 new channels, according to the Courier Mail.

Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson managed to track down Foxtel's Patrick Delany, and he confessed that the Pay TV company would be adding 20 SD and 10 HD channels to their service by the end of the year.

The launch of the channels will coincide with an overhaul of their EPG, while the company is also planning on offering over 400 hours of catch-up TV that you can download and watch on a PC as part of your package.

There's no announcement on what the new channels will actually be yet, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Things are looking pretty exciting for Foxtel customers over the last half of this year though...

[Courier Mail]

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    Will they start to use more bandwidth? 4Mbs for SD is too low. FTV SD is 5Mbs. And any fast moving video is pixelated and very hard to watch on large screen TVs.

    Increase the DATA RATE!

      don't know about the sd channels, they look ok to me on my iq2 but the HD channels, specifically espn hd look fantastic, very close to what hd is the US. The FTA "hd" channels look absolutley disgraceful here in Australia, must be using poor compression or something.

    sounds cool, pay tv may actually be worth it again

    hope the costs arent gona up for those on the ultimate package...

    just how many more channels can there possibly be?? lol

    Foxtel have not announced there will be anything worth watching though...

    I've seen the overhaul of the EPG that Sky in the UK have just released and it is sweet, full epg in the info window, you can keep viewing your channel while in the setup screens and a nice fresh white look with alpha effects. I assume Foxtel will be getting the equivalent.

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