Amphibious Hybrid Gives Paddle Boating Some Needed Machismo

As you can see from the picture, this is no ordinary paddle boat. In fact, when the exhilarating water fun is over, there's no need to disembark. Just hit a switch and drive home.

The key component are the three wheels, which morph from the paddle form you see in the image to a traditional wheel for land-based activities. In the case of snow or other such hard-to-traverse terrain, the wheels can open slightly, mimicking snow tires or chains.

Designers Janne Leppänen, Tuulia Miettinen, Roope Kolu, Tiemen Stelwagen, and Jaap Van Der Voort also created the Hybrid to be eco-friendly: Driving the wheels are battery-powered electric motors and the souls of lesser, weaker traditional paddle boats, which this vehicle must consume to stay alive. [Tuvie via Ecofriend vai DVICE]

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