Join The Gizmodo AU Flickr Pool

So we’re trying something new here at Giz AU. We want you to join us on Flickr by sharing all the awesome photos you think might make a good story.

It’s as easy as mocking k-Rudd’s street cred: All you need to do is be signed up to Flickr, then click here and then start hitting the “Send to Group” button on the individual pics you want to share with us.

Now, what type of photos do we want from you?

First of all, anything gadgety. That’s why you’re here, after all. Send us pics of your phones both old and brand new, your ultimate home theatre setup, your modded PCs, your oldschool Walkman collection or anything else you know we’d love.

Add to that any cool advertising you might see (preferably for something gadgety, but not restricted to that), cool stuff you see on the street, things that you reckon could be our Image of the Day, or anything else that is randomly cool. That doesn’t mean your entire collection of Fluffy, your Nanna’s new puppy. But if Fluffy happens to have an obsession with mobile phones, send in the evidence!

So come on – start sharing!

[Giz AU Flickr Pool]