Internode Offering 30GB for $50/Month, With A Catch

Choosing a broadband plan for you or I is a fairly simple task, because we know what we want. We know how much data we'll need, we know how fast we need our broadband, we know whether we get ADSL2+ or not... but for some people it's a confusing mess of acronyms and figures. That's apparently why Internode has launched its "Easy Broadband" plans, so those people can just sign up and get 30GB of data every month for just $50.

However, as Gus over at Lifehacker points out, that 30GB counts both uploads and downloads. Which sucks. Although realistically, the types of people who go for this aren't going to really use up all that data anyway. Especially when you consider that TiVo and iView downloads are still unmetered, just like all Internode plans.

[Internode and Lifehacker]

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