Check Out The Halo Warthog In Sydney Next Week

Check Out The <em>Halo</em> Warthog In Sydney Next Week
wetawarthog-numberplate-512x400Next Thursday, I’m heading over to Cockatoo Island to play some Halo: ODST and interview developer Curtis Creamer. Oh, and ride around in the Halo Warthog the guys from Weta Workshop built back when Peter Jackson was supposed to be making a Halo film. And you can check it out too next weekend.

On August 8th and 9th, the Warthog is open to public viewing. You’ll need to get over to Cockatoo Island for it, but hardcore Halo fans won’t mind that journey. And “public viewing” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to ride it, I guess, but I’ll be sure to tell you all about that experience next week.

The big question now is: If you cry out “shotgun” before hopping in a Warthog, are you sitting next to the driver or up the back with the big ass gun?

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