Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

The Invisible Flash That Takes Clear Pictures At Night Cameraphone producers, take note: I want this in my next iPhone.

TV Bag: Carry A TV With You Everywhere You Go, You Masochist But you'd fit everything in there... The Dirty Backstabbing Mess Called Betamax Vs VHS Now this was a format war!

Amazon Remotely Deletes Legitimately Purchased Books From Thousands Of Kindles I'm glad we can't buy the Kindle now – this is atrocious!

With Plans To Recast ‘Futurama,’ Fox Infuriates Fanboys Everywhere I really hope this is nothing more than an internet rumour...

Toshiba Even More Officially Gives Up The War, Will Launch Blu-Ray Player Let's hope it's the best flamin' Blu-ray player ever!

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