Apple Launches Digital 45s On iTunes

digital-45s1Looks like Bill Gates wasn't the only person who gets all nostalgic for a classic technological time - Apple today launched Digital 45s, a digital version of the classic vinyl 45s that made a record player a must-have music accessory decades ago.

Just like the vinyl version, you'll get two tracks for your money: the single and the B-side. Each Digital 45 costs $2.19, which is obviously cheaper than picking up the two songs separately. Some tracks also have artwork included to really try and create that retro feeling.

Some of the tracks available include classics like John(ny) Farnham's Age of Reason (with a B-side cover of Cold Chisel's When the War is Over), Van Halen's Jump (House of Pain on the B-side), Midnight Oil's King of the Mountain (live version of Instant Karma on the B-side) and the Monkees doing Daydream Believer (Goin' Down on the B-side).

I swear I used to have the vinyl 45 of Farnesy's Age of Reason when I was a kid, but god knows where it ended up. So I for one am stoked that I can pick it up again on iTunes. What about the rest of you? Is this something you're keen on investing in?

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