You Can Be Microsoft’s Next Lauren

You Can Be Microsoft’s Next Lauren
Microsoft LaurenMicrosoft Australia have partnered with the Nova radio network to leverage the huge success of the Laptop Hunter ads they’ve been pushng for the last couple of months. The end result is that they’re giving away $1300 each day to someone in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to buy a new PC.

Rather than an ad campaign, this is more a promotion, so instead of just being given the cash, you need to find the “laptop hunter” by following clues given on Nova’s breakfast radio program. It’s happening in Sydney and Melbourne this week, ending on Friday June 12, while Brisbane’s version runs all next week.

Considering just how geeky you guys all are (in a good way) I can’t see $1,300 going far enough to get you the kind of PC (or Mac) you’d be happy buying. Still, once you sell that $1,300 PC on eBay, you’ll be most of the way towards getting a laptop you might actually find practical.

Based on the successful PC Hunter campaign in the United States, people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will have the opportunity to score A$1300 to buy a new Windows Laptop. The challenge requires participants to follow clues to locate the ‘Laptop Hunter’ – who guards the cash while blending into the busy CBD crowd – before embarking on a quest to find the best high performance Laptop their newly acquired money can buy.

The campaign starts in Sydney and Melbourne today and runs until Friday 12 June, with one person winning cash to buy a new Windows Laptop each day in each centre. Brisbane’s competition will run next week from Tuesday 16 June to Friday 20 June, with one person winning cash to buy a new Windows Laptop each day.

Clues on how to find the ‘Laptop Hunter’ will be broadcast during the Nova breakfast program at around 8.30am each morning of the campaign. Clues will also be distributed via Windows Instant Messenger, Twitter and email.

Microsoft’s ‘Laptop Hunter’ partnership with Nova is part of a wider communication initiative to share with Australian consumers the excellent value and performance of Windows PCs.

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