Vodafone Announces iPhone 3GS Pricing

Vodafone Announces iPhone 3GS Pricing
lara-binge-with-iphone1Vodafone just announced their iPhone 3GS pricing. Check it out below the jump:

As you’d expect, there are a number of plans available. The pick of the bunch is the $69 cap, which gives you a free 16GB iPhone 3GS over 24 months, including $400 worth of calls and text and 1GB of data.

For a free 32GB model, you’ll need to fork out $114 a month, which equates to unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of data.

Also worth mentioning is that tethering is included – you can use up your data through tethering without an additional monthly fee, although you can purchase extra data: 1GB is $25 and 2GB is $30.

And if you’re after some Pre-paid iPhone love, you can get that too, with the 8GB iPhone 3G costing $759, the 16GB 3GS costing $929 and the 32GB 3GS going for $1129.

For a complete run down, click the link to Vodafone’s website.

[Vodafone iPhone 3GS pricing]