Video Of NVidia Tegra Powering Augmented Reality Game Is Awesome

How many of you brushed off NVidia's Tegra platform announcement a few weeks ago as just another boring processor development? Yeah, thats what I thought. Well, watch this video and you will very quickly change your mind.

The augmented reality game was developed by some boffins at Virginia Georgia Tech. All I have to say is the sooner we can incorporate skittles into gaming, the better place the world will be for everybody. Plus, Optimus Prime aside, this is the first augmented reality application I can actually see taking off.

At the moment, it's all just concept – there isn't an actual device out there that's capable of running it yet. But once Tegra actually launches in devices, hopefully we'll start seeing some real breakthrough games on mobile devices...

[ARhrrrr! via Wired]

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