The Daily Show And The Colbert Report Hit iTunes

<em>The Daily Show</em> And <em>The Colbert Report</em> Hit iTunes
dailyshowcolbertThe two best news programs on television, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, have just landed in the Australian iTunes Store.

Each episode costs $2.99, which is, of course, a complete ripoff. However, iTunes is offering a $10 multipass, which gets you 16 episodes of the show – or four weeks worth of episodes. Considering that the Comedy Channel, as part of the My Escape package on Foxtel – which is the only way to get the shows on Australian TV – costs $16 a month, the iTunes offer isn’t too bad a deal, especially if you have an Apple TV. It’s even better when you consider that you can no longer stream full episodes from the Comedy Central website (if you’re outside the US), and when compared to local TV shows like The Chaser’s War on Everything, which costs $29 for a season pass.

This is the kind of pricing we’ve been waiting for when it comes to buying TV online. Hopefully it’s a huge success and more people start offering the same value, be it through iTunes or other VOD sites…

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