Telstra’s iPhone Pricing Announced

Telstra’s iPhone Pricing Announced
telstra-iphone-3gsOkay, so the new iPhone’s already on sale, but Telstra held their cards pretty close to their chest this week, failing to officially announce their 3GS pricing until last night. Here’s what to expect:

If you were hoping for a bargain, Telstra probably isn’t the best place to look. They’re offering a range of plans, but if you want to get a 32GB for $0 upfront, you’ll need to sign up for a $150 a month plan, which includes 150MB worth of data. If you’re prepared to settle for the 16GB version, which also only has 150MB of data.

The 8GB iPhone 3G fairs a little better – you can grab that for $0 upfront on the $60 plan.

Also worth noting is that the new phones are also available on Telstra’s cap plans, if that’s your thing. But ultimately, the lack of bundled data is really going to hurt Telstra’s iPhone sales. Sure, you may get free access to Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots, but 150MB completely misses the point of what makes the iPhone such a great device.

For a closer look at the pricing, head over to Telstra’s iPhone pricing page.

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