Supposed Telstra iPhone 3GS Pricing Hits The Internets

Supposed Telstra iPhone 3GS Pricing Hits The Internets
telstra-iphone-3gsThe guys over at MacTalk have got their hands on a couple of PDF files that are supposedly leaked pricing documents for Telstra’s version of the iPhone 3GS. As with any rumour, you’ll want to take these with a rather large dose of scepticism.

The documents say a few different things, like the new iPhone 3GS will be available on a $49, $79, $99 and $129 cap plan, with the best available deal on the 32GB handset being $199 on a 24 month contract. And while that does sort of look like the kind of painful pricing you’d expect from Telstra, for some reason my heart is telling me this is fake. I think it’s the kind of fuzzy Telstra logo at the top of the PDFs that makes me feel that way.

In any case, we’ll have official word on pricing from the Big T later this week. Until then, I’d keep any outrage and/or excitement about these pricings bottled up…

You can check out the PDFs yourself over at MacTalk.

[MacTalk forumsThanks Kieran]