Sony Ericsson W995 Available Now For $1,099

We saw Jesus lose his shit over this phone a couple of weeks ago. Now you can do the same, as it's now available in Australia.

A lot of Jesus' comments are totally valid when you look at the price of this handset – $1,099 for a Walkman phone that doesn't offer the same level of versatility and functionality as a smartphone. While I haven't played with the W995 myself, I do know that previous versions (W900, W950) did have a really solid build quality and a pleasant design, but to be brutally honest, that just isn't enough in a world where HTC, Palm, RIM, Apple and even Microsoft WinMo are bringing far superior function to a similarly-priced (or cheaper on contract) device. When it comes down to it, Sony Ericsson really just needs to take their hardware to the next level by upgrading the software that runs their phones. Hopefully they'll realise that before it's too late.

[Sony Ericsson]

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