How Are You Finding The 3GS Speeds?

How Are You Finding The 3GS Speeds?
3gs-speedtestWell, the iPhone 3GS has been out for a few days now. I’ve been playing around with an Optus version of the handset, and, in a side by side comparison with my iPhone 3G, I’m getting some pretty mixed results.

Using the iPhone app, I actually found that about six times out of ten, my original iPhone 3G came back with faster download speeds than the 3GS sitting right next to it. I tried the test at various locations around my home in south west Sydney, with consistently disappointing results on the 3GS compared to the 3G.

In a real world test – like loading the Giz AU homepage – the 3GS performed much better, loading the page in about 25 seconds, compared to just over a minute for the 3G. Loading up Kotaku had similar results: about 25 seconds for the 3GS, and about a minute for the 3G.

On the upside, the 3GS completely wipes the floor with the 3G when it comes to gaming – since the 3.0 update, Wolfenstein 3D has become almost unplayable on the 3G with huge lagging and choppy framerates, but the game is extremely fluid on the newer handset.

What about you guys? Are you happy with the new 3GS speeds? Has anyone using the phone on Telstra or Vodafone found any massive speed boosts? Let us know win comments below.