Gigabyte MIB Brings The All-In-One Concept To DIY PC Builders

Gigabyte MIB.JPGDIY PC builders who want the benefits of an iMac-like all-in-one PC but without the hassle of actually soldering monitors to hardware might like the MIB product from Gigabyte. Essentially a PC case with a patent-pending hinge attached for your monitor, the MIB (which stands for Monitor Integrated Box, by the way) lets you not only customise your PCs hardware specs to your liking, but also bring your own monitor to the party.

Even better, the hinge design means you can fold and lock the monitor down when try to move the PC around the house, which helps make this a solid home theatre PC.

It will hold 19-24 inch monitor sizes, with both 10 x 10cm and 7.5cm x 7.5cm VESA standards. The biggest problem with the product though is their marketing line: "Style doesn't matter with MIB". I'm hoping that's just a really bad translation, because if it's not, Gigabyte should really try and see someone about how they market their products...

[Gigabyte, and more of Giz at Computex]

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