Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-muffins.jpgHow (and Why) the Palm Pre Syncs Directly With iTunes
Well that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen…

Slide-to-Unlock iPanties Now Available to All iPhone Fangirls, Fanboys, and Fantrans
Tip: Make sure your relationship is strong before you buy them for your girlfriend…

10 Gadgets That Will Keep Computer Users From Turning Into Quasimodo
Why the anti-hunchback sentiment?

How Regular Movies Become ‘IMAX’ Films
Hint: There’s no magic.

PSP Go Leaked: Slider With 16GB of Flash Storage and Bluetooth
Why, oh why didn’t they add a second analogue stick?

Pixel Qi: The Display That Will Make You Want an E-Reader
I want an e-reader already, so this thing better be special. What’s that? It is?

The Seven IMAX Wonders of the World
Darling Harbour FTW!