Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Rumour: Existing Android Phones Won’t Get HTC’s “Sense” UI For Lame Licensing Reasons
Well that sucks.

Anti-Abuse Bus Stop Ad Only Batters Women When Nobody’s Looking
A clever use of technology in advertising for an important cause.

Microsoft Swapping Xbox Pro For Elite? PS3 Slim Arriving Shortly Thereafter?
Personally, I think we’ll be waiting until next year to see a slim PS3. This year, we should get a price cut. Hopefully.

R2-D2 Appears In Transformers 2
Seriously? Good luck finding it…

McCain Wants Predators To Provide Wi-Fi For Iranians
I’m not sure how that would work, exactly, but it’s a nice idea.

3D Porn Is Coming At You, All Puns Intended (NSFW)
But you’ll still need to wear those stupid glasses.

Sony Finally Achieves The Unholy Grail: A $US2,000 Netbook
Why, Sony? Why?