Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Is Dell Working On An Android Smartphone? If they are working on a smartphone, Android is definitely the way to go.

Pūrleve Automatically Puts Condoms On Knobs No, not that kind of knob. Door knobs. And yes, it is stupid.

Windows 7 Starter Edition Could Be Priced Into Oblivion It could be, but OEMs will still pay it, methinks, even if they have to increase the cost of netbooks to cover it.

At Last, Microsoft Word Editing In The IPhone I'd cheer, except I happen to like the fact I can't edit Office documents on my iPhone...

Push This Button, Kill Xbox Live God, I wouldn't want to be the person who had to push that button.

Romulan Planet Drill Now In Testing Stages, For Real Scary or exciting? I'm not sure yet. I guess we'll find out whether we all die in a lake of liquid magma sooner or later...

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