ACCC Not Going To Stop Vodafone And Three Merger

vodalogo.jpgThis one came through Friday afternoon after beer o'clock, but it looks like that Vodafone merger with Three here in Australia is going to go ahead, after the ACCC did the fatherly thing and gave the companies its blessing. So now the two companies want to finalise everything within the next two weeks.We already know that the new company, VHA (which will mostly operate under the Vodafone brand) won't be changing any plans for the next two years, so there's no need to panic if you're a Voda or Three customer. But if you are concerned for whatever reason, you can call up Vodafone's customer care on 1555 from your Voda mobile or Three Care on 133320 if you're a 3 customer.

[Vodafone/Three merger]

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