Win! One Of Five Terminator: Salvation XBox 360 Games!

Win! One Of Five <em>Terminator: Salvation</em> XBox 360 Games!

TERMINATOR_X360_2D_AUS.jpgIf I were John Conner – and there’s nothing to prove that I’m not – I’d be like MacGyver when it came to picking off those pesky Terminators hell bent on mankind’s destruction.A paperclip, a piece of cardboard, a lighter and boom – a rocket propelled missile just blew your metal butt to pieces, Mr “I’ll be back”.

Okay, maybe if I were John Conner, I’d be dead. But what would you do. If you tell us in 25 words or less “What’s the best way to terminate a Terminator?” on our original competition post, you could win one of five copies of the new Terminator: Salvation game on Xbox 360. That’s better than spending your life constantly hunted by merciless robots, that’s for sure.

So go on. Click the link and enter away.

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