Wii MotionPlus Gets Priced And Dated For AU

Sad news, Nintendo fans: Wildgoose got it wrong. The good news is that he wasn't far off. Nintendo just announced the Australian release date and price for their MotionPlus peripheral and the Wii Sports Resort game, and it's coming sooner and cheaper than our Kotaku brothers anticipated.The Wii MotionPlus will be availble from June 11 for $29.95. The Wii Sports Resort game, which comes with a MotionPlus attachment in its price, will cost $99.95 from July 23.

Yep, that's right - you can get the peripheral attachment before you can get a game to play it on. Sure, there are a couple of EA games coming out that will use the peripheral, but a wait of over a month for the "flagship" game seems like an obscenely long wait. I guess I'll probably just wait until July before I start contemplating getting one then...


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