Rumour: Wii MotionPlus to Cost $35, Launch June 18

Our gaming brethren over at Kotaku have been putting together rumours, innuendo, leaks, and a little bit of crystal balling to determine when exactly Australia will be getting its hands on some true motion gaming from Nintendo. And while it's still a rumour and therefore completely unconfirmed, it's believable enough for us to tell you all about it here.Citing a rumour from Nintendo site VOOKS, and combining it with a product page on EB GAmes' website, they've come up with a $34.95 price point. And based upon the release date for the EA games set to use the MotionPlus accessory, they reckon it must be on sale by June 18, when the games hit retail shelves.

Still, it's all rumour and heresay at the moment, so take what you will from it (although I'd say it's probably fairly accurate).

[VOOKS via Kotaku]

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