IDAPT Docking Station Lets You Charge All Your Gadgets At Once

IDAPT.jpgThere's something fundamentally appealing about the IDAPT docking station, even though the shot above features a Nokia phone that wouldn't be out of place in a museum. It's the fact that you can charge up to three different, interchangeable gadgets at any one time without having to worry about cords tangling everywhere.The IDAPT docking station comes with six different replaceable connections, allowing you to plug in a range of devices, from your iPod to your old Nokia phone, to anything that charges via Mini USB, to your DS, to Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones. Plus, if your required tip isn't included in the pack, chances are you can find it online at IDAPT's website.

There are two models available, one with 2 docks and one with 3 docks, and they sell for $80 and $120 respectively.

While the website does say that the docking station will charge your iPhone, it doesn't look like it's Made for iPhone certified, which could lead to some problems down the road. But as far as a tidy, all in one charging solution goes, this looks pretty damn sweet.

[IDAPT and Mwave]

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